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TheCryptoChat.net offers a free real-time community chat platform


Its main objective is to provide a safe venue for the discussion of all things cryptocurrencies


Users can directly interact with developers and miners and share ideas and opinions

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Block Explorers

We aim to provide the best, most affordable and reliable Block Explorers around, we continually listen to our users and customers and we work to bring the newest and most up-to-date features to provide a better, more informational Block Explorer, and aims to be the best bang for your buck. There is one time setup fee of 0.00919211 on all new Block Explorers.

Coin Nodes

The cornerstone of any blockchain is a reliable and robust Node network, here at TheCryptoChat that's just what we provide! With a 99.9% guaranteed up-time ran on enterprize grade servers with a solid network setup you can look no further for the foundation of your system that you need.

Coin Creation

Ever thought about having a blockchain of your own? Well now you can have that and more, Get a fully featured all-in-one package directly from TheCryptoChat a name you can trust! There are several options available ranging from basic blockchains for those wishing to simply learn more and tinker to fully custom tailored solutions for your organization or group to represent with monthly service contracts and other services available as well to facilitate any kind of need.

Extra Services

Perhaps you have a coin already, you want a new wallet compiled, or would like some changes made. These items can be added to your coin order at your choosing! We offer these additional services, so we've got you covered!